The latest Blox Fruit 2024 code is still valid, updated 2/2024

The latest Blox Fruit 2024 code is still valid, updated 2/2024

Code Blox Fruit is a string of any characters and numbers, and after you enter it, you will receive corresponding gifts based on your gift code type. The appearance of these codes will help you receive attractive gifts, or sometimes experience to increase your advantage in the grinding process. In this article, will help you summarize all the hottest Blox Fruit game codes, their expiration dates, and provide the most detailed and easy-to-understand code entry instructions.

Latest Blox Fruits codes increase x2 EXP points

Update versions 17, 18, 19 of Blox Fruit have released a series of 2024 gift codes, mainly including codes x2 Blox Fruit aimed at resetting stats and x2 Exp for experience points. These are the unique and latest gift codes in 2024. Please see the table below to learn more about the codes published in this version:

NewNEWTROLLReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
NewSECRET_ADMINReceive X2 EXP for 40 minutes
NewKITT_RESETReset stats
NewstaffbattleReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ActiveSub2CaptainMauiReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ActiveKittGamingReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ActiveSub2Fer999Receive X2 EXP
ActiveEnyu_is_ProReceive X2 EXP
ActiveMagicbusReceive X2 EXP
ActiveJCWKReceive X2 EXP
ActiveStarcodeHEOReceive X2 EXP
ActiveBluxxyIncrease points
Activefudd10_v2$2 Beli
ActiveFUDD10$1 Beli
ActiveBIGNEWSChange title once
ActiveTHEGREATACEReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ActiveSUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1Receive X2 EXP for 30 minutes
ActiveSub2OfficialNoobieReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ActiveStrawHatMaineReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ActiveSUB2NOOBMASTER123Receive X2 EXP for 15 minutes
ActiveSub2UncleKizaruExchange code for Stat Refund
ActiveSUB2DAIGROCKReceive X2 EXP for 15 minutes
ActiveAxioreReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ActiveTantaiGamingReceive X2 EXP for 15 minutes
ExpiredSTAFFBATTLEReceive 2x XP for 20 minutes
ExpiredADMIN_STRENGTHReceive 2x XP for 20 minutes
ExpiredDRAGONABUSEReceive 2x XP for 20 minutes
ExpiredJULYUPDATE_RESETReset stats
ExpiredNOOB2PROReceive 2x XP for 20 minutes
ExpiredCODE_SERVICIOReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ExpiredCINCODEMAYO_BOOSTReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
Expired15B_BESTBROTHERSReceive 2x experience
ExpiredDEVSCOOKINGReceive 2x XP for 20 minutes
ExpiredGAMERROBOT_YTReceive 2x experience
ExpiredADMINGIVEAWAYReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ExpiredGAMER_ROBOT_1MReceive X2 EXP for 1 hour 30 minutes
ExpiredTY_FOR_WATCHINGReceive X2 EXP for 20 minutes
ExpiredNOOB_REFUNDReset stats

When entering a code, you need to ensure that the Blox Fruit codes are entered with the exact content as described in the table. This includes correct lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters provided by

LatestSECRET_ADMINX2 Exp for 20 minutes
LatestKITT_RESETReset Stats
LatestSub2CaptainMauiX2 Exp for 20 minutes
NewADMIN_TROLLX2 Exp for 20 minutes
NewkittgamingIncrease X2 experience (1 minute 30 seconds)
NewDRAGONABUSE20 minutes X2 Exp
NewGAMERROBOT_YTIncrease X2 experience (20 minutes)
NewkittgamingIncrease X2 experience
NewSub2Fer999Increase X2 experience
NewMagicbusIncrease X2 experience
NewJCWKIncrease X2 experience
ValidSub2UncleKizaruStat Refund
ValidBIGNEWS1 title change
ValidEUDD10Receive $1
ValidSUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP 1Increase X2 experience (30 minutes)
ValidTHEGREATACEIncrease X2 experience (20 minutes)
ValidSUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET11 stat reset
ValidSUB2NOOBMASTER123Increase X2 experience (15 minutes)
ValidSub20fficialNoobieIncrease X2 experience (20 minutes)
ValidSTRAWHATMAINEIncrease X2 experience (15 minutes)
ValidAxioreIncrease X2 experience (20 minutes)
ValidSub2DaigrockIncrease X2 experience (15 minutes)
ValidSTRAWHATMAINEIncrease X2 experience (15 minutes)
ValidTantaiGamingIncrease X2 experience (15 minutes)
ValidBluxxyIncrease points

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